Bette Davis, All about Eve (1950)

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All About Eve

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“Margo Channing was a woman I understood thoroughly. Though we were totally unalike, there were also areas we shared. The scene in which — stuck in the car — Margo confesses to Celeste Holm that the whole business of fame and fortune isn’t worth a thing without a man to come home to, was the story of my life. And here I was again — no man to go home to. The unholy mess of my own life — another divorce, my permanent need for love, my aloneness. Hunched down in the front of that car in that luxurious mink, I had hard work to remember I was playing a part. My parallel bankruptcy kept blocking me, and keeping the tears back was not an easy job.”

Bette Davis, 1950

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Bette Davis was hard to clothe because of “several serious problems: bowed legs, very round shoulders, and a long broad neck. Worst of all were her breasts, which hung almost to her waist. She refused to wear brassieres with underwires because she thought that the wire would cause breast cancer.”

Edith Head: The Life and Times of Hollywood’s Celebrated Costume Designer — David Chierichetti

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oh Margo.

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