While filming Penny Serenade at Columbia, Irene Dunne prepared her own lunch in her dressing room and attended to her business affairs by phone during the lunch hour. 

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“When you’re with me, you’re safe.”

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Irene Dunne is presented to Her Majesty the Queen after the Royal Command showing of The Mudlark. Marlene Dietrich is on the right. October 31, 1950

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Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant in Bringing Up Baby (1938), making a reference to Cary’s character Jerry in The Awful Truth with Irene Dunne the year before (1937).

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…my dreams are gone with the wind!

The Awful Truth 1937 Irene Dunne, Cary Grant

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I’m so sorry. Mr. Leeson, this is my husband.

The Awful Truth 1937

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The awful truth (1937)

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