Vivien Leigh in Caesar and Cleopatra (1945)

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Katharine Hepburn, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and Marlene Dietrich attending a private screening at the home of Paramount executive Jesse L. Lasky, 1933

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Ginger Rogers at a roller skating party, 1937

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Nine-year-old Betty Perske photographed by her mother Natalie outside of the Highland Manor School for Girls, c. 1933. Unknown to young Betty, in ten years she would begin her career as one of the most iconic and beloved film stars of all time: Lauren Bacall.

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Lauren Bacall, New York, 1945. Photographed by Hermann Landshoff.

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Ingrid Bergman 1939.

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Cary Grant and Carole Lombard on NBC radio, 1939 
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"Entertainment is not the reality of the streets. I think we should depict that and show it as it is, but we get it in the news. When it comes to entertainment, we should have a fantasyland… a chance to get away from the reality in the streets and dream a little, hope a little and laugh a little. Surely that’s not asking too much."

Lucille Ball, 1982 interview

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Rita Hayworth on the set of Down to Earth, 1947

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